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“I am writing this letter as a personal testament to Dr. Jason Harrison. My family has been seeing him on a regular basis since the spring of 2008 for wellness care. When we have certain concerns or issues regarding our health, we explain them to Dr. Harrison and he will come up with a wellness plan to help us heal and feel better.

I recently came to him with a problem with pain in my jaws. I had never had this problem before and it was always worse when I woke up in the morning. I realized that I had started clenching my teeth at night. I talked this over with Dr. Harrison and he recommended certain adjustments and trigger points that I could work on at home. After a couple of visits, my pain had subsided and I am no longer clenching my teeth at night. I believe Dr. Harrison cares for the health and wellness of his patients and offer many solutions to everyday pain that no one should live with.” Thank you for your time.”

Rachel P.

“I have had a lower back problem for many years. Eight months ago, I became totally immobile and was in a lot of pain. Not wanting surgery and being very scared, I started going to a chiropractor that was close to my home. I went three times a week for over six months.

My husband and I began to have a lot of reservations because I wasn’t getting much better. My time spent with the doctor was no more than 5 minutes and always the same procedure. I would ask questions and I basically did not get an answer. Many times, I expressed my concern for not getting any feedback.

The intense pain was gone, but I always had discomfort. The pain returned during the end of the sixth month just as bad as in the beginning. I went back for three more consecutive days and my condition only became worse.

So, I made several calls to other chiropractors to schedule an appointment. I was told over and over that the next appointment was two weeks away. I kept trying and finally called Dr. Harrison’s office, they were able to get me in the same day.

I met with Dr. Harrison with a lot of reservations. I only knew surgery was not for me and I would exhaust all means to avoid it. After one month with Dr. Harrison, three times a week, I am feeling much better. I am able to start putting my life back together. Dr. Harrison assures me that there is a lot more improvements to be made.

I leave the office thinking; “Wow, this is great!” I’ve very pleased with Dr. Harrison and his caring way, positive attitude, and the amount of time he spends with me. No two visits are the same.

I look forward to living a normal, healthy, life. Thank you Dr. Harrison.”

-A Valued Patient

“I was a little leery of chiropractors when I first called Dr. Harrison. However, my lower back was in so much pain, I was having trouble walking. I knew I needed help. Dr. Harrison has done a great job of easing me into the chiropractic world and working within my comfort levels. He has helped me so much, and I can honestly say my lower back is pain free. I am now hooked on getting adjustments and actually look forward to my visits. They are my time to take care of me. Also, I was feeling very nauseous during one of my recent visits. After Dr. Harrison adjusted me, the nausea was gone!”

Thanks Dr. Harrison!
Shelley H.

“I began receiving chiropractic care over 10 years ago, with the same chiropractor. I got X rays before treatments began and never got any more from him. I went through the whole treatment plan and then went faithfully, a minimum of one time per month for maintenance. My adjustments took less than 5 minutes and much of that time, he talked. And I thought I was doing really well, in spite of the fact that I still had lower SI back pain, which he had said nothing could be done about it – pregnancy and childbirth were to blame.

Then about 18 months ago, I began to have shoulder and arm pain that got progressively worse. He adjusted my shoulders, but the adjustment was excruciating and made them worse. The massage therapist I went to in his office asked me if I had ever thought about acupuncture and I said I had but didn’t know how to find a good one. She recommended the chiropractor that she had done her internship with, who was also an acupuncturist. So, I made an appointment to see him. He took X rays which showed I had no curve in my neck and other spinal problems, even though I had religiously gotten regular adjustments for over 10 years! He thought my neck problem was causing my shoulder and arm pain. I went through a regime of adjustments and a couple of sessions of acupuncture that helped to a small degree. However, the office was between 45-55 minutes drive time away and I didn’t have the time to go that far. Then, I found out about Dr. Harrison.

I am very thankful and grateful that I did. Since beginning treatment my lower back pain is gone and my shoulders and arms are better. Dr. Harrison has made me aware of many things that can greatly help keep my spine aligned and help with pain, such as exercises and stretches to do, how to stand and sit, leg and head position when driving, needed supplements and diet changes and the list could go on. The follow-up reevaluations, after a series of treatments, provide a thorough and comprehensive picture of progress and determination of further treatment needed.

However, probably the single most impressive part of treatment is the professionalism and thoroughness from the experience. The whole experience, under Dr. Harrison, provides a much more holistic, thorough, and individualized program than any I have heard of or seen. Dr. Harrison spends at least 15-20 minutes every appointment, as opposed to 5 minutes at my previous chiropractor, adjusting me from head to toe, using various methods, asking questions and really listening. I truly believe that Dr. Harrison’s main purpose and desire is to help people become “more well”. I plan to continue in their maintenance and wellness program because I believe they provide the best and most comprehensive program and I am making steady progress towards optimum health and wellness. God bless you all in your service to bring health and well-being to mankind!”

Adrienne M.

“My experience with chiropractic medicine began when I met Dr. Jason Harrison at a marketplace fair in my community. I’d been having some sciatica pain and while Dr. Harrison assured me he could help with that, he also explained the benefits of chiropractic beyond back pain cessation.

I must admit I was skeptical and frightened by the unknown but I made a commitment to have treatment. Now, almost four months later, my body has responded and is stronger and pain free.

No more sciatica pain…no lower back pain…I can stand in the kitchen preparing meals without the low back pain I was experiencing before treatment. I have an increased range of motion in my neck; my posture has improved and I’m experiencing an overall feeling of increased wellness.

I realize my future health is greatly affected by the care I take of myself now. I will continue having regular chiropractic adjustments because I have seen the benefit of them in improving my overall health.”

Vivienne K.

“In February of 2010 I began my treatment with Dr. Jason Harrison. My issue was that for the last 12 years my right leg would go numb when I sat in an upright position for any length of time. It was a painful ache and there was no way to eliminate the feeling without getting up and moving around. Sometimes this was impossible to do especially when riding in a car. My mom was already seeing Dr. Harrison as a patient so I was hopefully optimistic that maybe he could help me. I told Dr. Harrison that the true test would be when I flew to Florida at the end of March. I was very pleasantly surprised that I had no pain the entire flight and have not had any since. I had tolerated this pain because I was afraid that in order to get rid of the pain surgery would be required. My treatment with Dr. Harrison has eliminated the pain!!! Yea!!! Thank you Dr. Harrison!!!”

Joni G.

“Once again I am amazed at my level of pain relief. Dr. Harrison had mentioned to me that they had a line of medicine to help with my arthritis. So when I completed what I had at home I thought I would try some here. I have tried many different medicines and nothing really seemed to help much. I was told that many clients had stated that it helped them, and as usual, I said, yeah sure, I’ll see. So I purchased a bottle of Glucosamine Synergy. To my amazement it works!! With taking the first couple of doses, my pain has tremendously decreased. What can I say but, I have finally found a place that I can believe in and a place can truly help me with all of my issues. Thanks Dr. Harrison for caring for me and my many issues.”

Sandra L.