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Choosing the right chiropractor located nearby, can make the difference in whether you have a positive or negative experience, and in the quality of the care you will receive. There is a lot that goes into the decision to seek care from ANY Healthcare provider. Our chiropractic practice, located in Fishers, provides complete spinal and extremity care for all ages and chiropractic needs. Our success is based on creating an overall condition for you at or near 100% within realistic expectations. We do that by providing exceptional care in an atmosphere that would consistently surpass your expectations.


You’ll notice Dr. Harrison puts above all else, what’s in your best interests and looks to match up his care with what you expect. Before this is attained, a thorough investigation and insightful questions will be asked to determine what the next steps are.


Dr. Harrison takes great pride in being able to provide a treatment plan to his patients that will greatly enhance their daily lives. Never accept that you can’t be helped in some way unless all avenues have been exhausted. A majority, if not all of the time, benefits will be attained dependent upon how long the issue has been there and the severity of the damage. We provide chiropractic care solutions that get amazing results, treating a wide variety of problems and symptoms.

The Patient Comes First

We are a patient-centered facility. We always strive to treat our patients with the same respect that we would treat our most loved ones. We make it our mission to reduce any anxiety you may have in receiving treatment and to make it as enjoyable as possible. After all, full healing is only possible in a relaxed, stress-free environment with complete trust and understanding.

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We Treat Everybody

Everyone in some way, from all walks of life from newborns to the elderly, can benefit from chiropractic services.

Your Choice

Some patients will want to use chiropractic as management for chronic pain, others will want to use it for maintenance care. On the other hand, there are others who want to use it for prevention and wellness. Dr. Harrison will explain your options and what is in your best interests. The ultimate decision lies in your hands as to what type of care will be provided. We also offer chiropractic massage therapy.

Relationship Building

Dr. Harrison takes the time to help you understand why you feel the way you do and explain how the treatments are going to ultimately help you feel and function better. We invest in cultivating relationships with our patients. These relationships are built with time and attentiveness, delivered in the context of physician excellence, patient education and exceptional care.

We Value Your Time

We value your time and the principles of the healing process. We offer a variety of appointment days and times that can accommodate just about anyone that has some flexibility with their schedule. We will honor making the most of your time spent with us at all times.

Adjustments Are Powerful

We continue to have great relationships with many of the individuals and families that Dr. Harrison has been providing care to since he first started practicing. Many have reported experiencing amazing things with regards to their health. This was made possible due to removing the interference that caused the complications they were experiencing.The chiropractic adjustment is one of the more powerful things you can do for yourself that will have widespread benefit associated with it, sometimes within minutes. With our approach, you decide how often you take advantage of what chiropractic services have to offer.

Conservative Care

Those who wish to avoid drugs or surgery will often visit our practice first to avoid taking potentially harmful chemicals as a means to mask their problems. Chiropractic care is a safe, natural approach to better health and often can often solve your everyday problems, such as neck pain or pack pain. The sooner you start the better, and remember, there is never a time that you may think it’s too late.


As mentioned before, a proper healing environment is essential, but so is enjoying your surroundings and whom you associate with. Healing is possible when all barriers are removed that would inhibit that process. Feeling good and functioning at your very best should be something to smile about. We are always forward thinking, professional, and always looking to establish a culture where people can come to make themselves more whole in the process

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